Saturday October 13, 2012

Go Get 'em, Tigers

As the MLB playoffs began last week I was rooting for the following:

  • Washington Nationals (who have never been to the World Series) over the St. Louis Cardinals (who won last year)
  • Cincinnati Reds (last won in '90) over the San Francisco Giants (won two years ago)
  • Baltimore Orioles (last won in '83) over the NY Yankees (don't get me started)

Detroit Tigers logoTigers ('84)/A's ('89) was kind of a toss-up. I thought I'd root for the A's, the underdog of underdogs, who came from nowhere with the second-lowest payroll in baseball, but found myself rooting for the Tigers, because of Miggy or Detroit or something. But I would've been just as happy with an A's victory.

So what happened? With the exception of the Tigers, every team I wanted to win lost. With the exception of the Tigers, baseball fans can now choose between the team that won it last year, two years ago, or three years ago. It's called diversity.

Admittedly, it's been a great post-season: close battles, come-from-behind victories, extra innings, great catches, walk-off homeruns. The St. Louis Cardinals are so good at come-from-behind victories, at waiting for the last second to stick the knife in, I'd almost accuse them of sadism. The Seattle Mariners had a slogan in 2001 that played off of their frequent two-out rallies: Two outs? So what? The 2011-12 St. Louis Cardinals slogan should be this: Two outs? Two strikes? Ninth inning? Do-or-die game? So what?

So who to root for now? You root for the team true baseball fans around the country always root for: whoever is playing the fucking New York Yankees.

Begins tonight. To pluralize Mary Jane Watson's thought, and resurrect the slogan of the 1968 Detroit team that won it all: Go get 'em, Tigers.

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