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Tuesday November 07, 2023

Gibbering Oafish Party

“It's worth reflecting on how Republicans got to a place where they are about to nominate someone who is a frequent flier in the American court system, facing 91 criminal charges spanning four state and federal indictments. For one thing, it didn't help that nobody in the GOP field ever seriously took him on—even after January 6, when Trump sicced his supporters on the Capitol. But they also failed to highlight that Trumpism doesn't necessarily scale, as the 2022 midterms proved. In August, polling showed that only 63% of Republican voters wanted Trump ”to run again.“ But instead of making a case as to why they were a viable alternative to Trump, the non-Trump field treated the ex-president with kid gloves; they almost completely ignored the orange gorilla in the room and instead bickered with each other—so much so that they appear to have lost the plot entirely.”

Molly Jong-Fast, “Imagine If 2024 Republicans Actually Tried Taking on Trump,” on the Vanity Fair site. As I noted on Threads, yesterday was a year from the day after the 2024 election. So get ready to fight the fucker. Because the GOP is too weak and un-American to do it. 

Posted at 11:49 AM on Tuesday November 07, 2023 in category Politics