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Sunday October 21, 2012

Gaffes, Blunders, Walkbacks and Lies: A Week-by-Week Retrospective of the Year in Mitt

It's been such a long year, for both Mitt Romney and us, that it's tough to remember all his gaffes, blunders, walkbacks and lies. Apparently he's having trouble remembering himself. Apparently so have many voters, those glorious undecideds, who gave him a 6-point boost after the first debate, where he repudiated much of what he'd said during the GOP primaries. He shook the Etch a Sketch and it worked. In 2004, John Kerry changed his position on one matter, the Iraq War, and was condemned for an entire election season, and beyond, for it. Mitt Romney flip-flops on everything and he's awarded the governorship of Massachusetts, the Republican nomination for president, and... ?

So I used Google's “custom range” tool to search, week by week, for the various top stories on Mitt Romney, and came up with the compendium below. Caveat: “Dog on roof,” and “Corporations are people, my friend,” two favorites, are from 2011.

Enjoy. Or grimace.

You could almost sing a version of Billy Joel's “We Didn't Start the Fire” to Mitt's year:

NASCAR owners, Cadillacs,
He pays what in income tax
Kid Rock, Y'all and grits, Michigan trees.
Severely conservative governor
Not concerned with the poor
Bain exit, Paul Ryan, Benghazi.

Etch a sketch, Eastwood's chair,
You can't take him anywhere
Brit Olympics disconcerting
Homosexual student hurting

Mitt keeps starting fires
And he keeps them burning
Instead of learning...

Feel free to add your own stanza. I didn't even touch “47 percent” or “binders full of women.”

Mitt Romney

“I stand by what I said, whatever it was.”

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