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Friday November 25, 2016

Future Stars of 1963

The other night I watched an old TV doc from 1963, “Hollywood: The Great Stars,” hosted by Henry Fonda, which had been sitting in my Amazon queue forever. It's about the star system, and the end of the star system. It's not great but it's intriguing for three reasons.

The first reason is its now-historical perspective of movie history. At one point, for example it updates stars from the silents to the talkies. So Douglas Fairbanks leads to Errol Flynn, which makes sense to me. But Rudolph Valentino leads to ... Charles Boyer? Similarly, William S. Hart, the first great cowboy, becomes ... Gary Cooper? I guess? A lot of what it considers important, in other words, we no longer do. The doc has the voice of authority but time has eroded it.

The second reason it intrigues is near the end, when the doc shows the unrelenting pressure of the public on a star like Marilyn Monroe. “These are the sights and sounds in the life of Marilyn Monroe,” Fonda narrates at approximately 41:10 in, and for several minutes we get just that: shouting and pushing and cameras and microphones being shoved in her face. Eventually she crumbles. You watch those several minutes and wonder why any of us pursue fame.

Finally, having dealt with the past and the present, the doc talks up the future stars of Hollywood:

Hollywood's younger people today, some now aspiring to stardom, others already reaching for greatness, will not easily become the Garbos and Gables of tomorrow. But by their films, the public shall know them and decide.

Then we get a list from that year:

  • Frank Sinatra in “Come Blow Your Own”
  • Debbie Reynolds in “My Six Loves”
  • Geraldine Page and Dean Martin in “Toys in the Attic”
  • Anthony Perkins and Sophia Loren in “Five Miles to Midnight”
  • Jack Lemmon in “Irma La Douce”
  • Shirley MacLaine in “Two for the Seesaw”
  • Hope Lange in “Love is a Ball”
  • Peter O‘Toole in “Lawrence of Arabia”
  • The young Sue Lyons in “Lolita”
  • Yvette Mimieux and James Daren in “Diamond Head”
  • Nancy Kwan and Pat Boone in “The Main Attraction”

“Books find a grave as deep as any,” Updike once wrote, and so with most of these movies. And of the young stars they chose, only O’Toole really went on. Boone and Daren and the like died a swift death in post-Beatles America.

That said, I probably wouldn't do any better with “Future Stars of 2017.” Worse, most likely.

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