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“The point is, for a show to display viewer-made art wasn't unusual in and of itself, but the piece mounted next to the door in the Sean/Greta headquarters stood out; it was enormous, and clearly done by someone who knew how to wield a paintbrush. The giant oil-on-canvas showed Sean Hannity's massive grinning head on a TV screen with a Fox News logo, with confetti flying through the air behind him. The artist, in an inspired bit of wishful thinking, had added an on-screen graphic that read OBAMA DEFEATED IN HISTORIC LANDSLIDE.

At least if they fire my ass, I thought as a I passed the thing, I'll never have to see this fucking asinine painting again.

-- Joe Muto: ”An Athiest in the FOXHole: A Liberal's Eight-Year Odyssey Inside the Heart of the Right-Wing Media," pg. 32

Jon Stewart on Fox News: Math You Do as a Republican to Make Yourself Feel Better

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