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Fox News: Anti-Semitic or merely vindictive?

One of my favorite New York Times writers, David Carr, has a great piece on news organizations dealing with Fox News' organization — particularly its PR apparatus — and the “fair and balanced” network comes off fairly paranoid and vindictive. Nixon's dirty tricks come to mind. Roger Ailes, Nixon's advisor and Fox's chief executive, comes to mind.

You write something they don't like, they won't talk to you for 15 months. You report the facts, they photoshop your face so it looks weathered, haggard, or, in the case of NY Times reporter Jacques Steinberg, virtually unrecognizable — or recognizable only to a Joseph Goebbels. Carr writes, “In a technique familiar to students of vintage German propaganda, [Steinberg's] ears were pulled out, his teeth splayed apart, his forehead lowered and his nose was widened and enlarged in a way that made him look more like Fagin than the guy I work with.”

See their photoshop handiwork here

See the video from “Fox & Friends” here

Throw up here.

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Mister B wrote:

So FOX News has reached a level of communication that I haven't seen since 8th grade -- when I found out a friend of mine rubbed out the yearbook photo of someone he didn't like.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Way to go guys!
Comment posted on Mon. Jul 14, 2008 at 11:17 AM

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