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Sunday October 16, 2011

Fourth of Four: the 2011 World Series

At the start of the league championship series, with the 30 Major League teams down to four (Brewers, Cards, Rangers, Tigers), my ideal World Series would've looked like this:

1. Milwaukee Brewers vs. Detroit Tigers

Two Midwest cities, good baseball towns (particularly Milwaukee), who ain't won shit recently--and in the Brewers' case, never. My second choice:

2. Milwaukee Brewers vs. Texas Rangers

Both teams had never won a World Series. We would've been guaranteed a new winner. (At the same time, it's tough to root for Texas because, you know, they're Texas.) Third choice was admittedly a bit weak, a replay of the very, very boring 2006 World Series:

3. Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis Cardinals

But at least it was better than the fourth option, where you could either root for a team that had won 17 pennants and 10 World Championships, more than any team besides the Yankees (who suck), or you could root for George W. Bush's team:

4. Texas Rangers vs. St. Louis Cardinals


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