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Monday July 02, 2018

Flip a Cohen

Has Michael Cohen flipped? Based on a new interview with George Stephanopoulos, particularly Cohen stating “My wife, my daughter, and my son, and this country have my first loyalty,” New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait says all signs point to YES. 

This, he adds, would be bad news for Trump, for the following reasons:

  • Cohen apparently made illegal payments on Trump's behalf (See: Stormy)
  • Cohen kept a lot of evidence (300,000 communiques, with only 161 designated “privileged”)
  • Cohen can't be pardoned by Trump (Mueller is working with NY state prosecutor)
  • Cohen dealt with Russia during the campaign (Prague, fall, 2016)
  • Cohen may have collected bribes after Trump's election (see: Viktor Vekselberg)

Looking forward to the day when those apparentlys and may haves are removed.

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