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Sunday February 24, 2013

Five Reasons Why Seth MacFarlane's 'We Saw Your Boobs' is the Best Thing To Happen to Oscar in Years

Let me count the ways.

  1. The Oscars tend to skew female and gay.
  2. There is no greater straight male song about the movies than “We Saw Your Boobs.” It's what every straight guy remembers. Many a gay guy, too. Don't even get me started on gay women.
  3. It was presented within a framework—Capt. Kirk returning from the 23rd century to warn host Seth MacFarlane his Oscar show was about to go down in disaster—that softened it. That made it palatable.
  4. That framework—Capt. Fucking Kirk—is also a straight-guy framework.
  5. Better, that framework gets out in front of the obvious ragging-on-the-Oscar-host that we've been subjected to for the last 15 years.

I was dubious about Seth MacFarlane hosting. I'm not a fan of his shows. I laughed at “Ted” but felt unclean afterwards. And to be honest, a lot of his bits tonight were merely so-so. But “We Saw Your Boobs”? Not just comedically brilliant, but tactically brilliant for the demographic that Oscar needs to bring back to the show. It's the viral moment Oscar needs. See it here.

Seth MacFarlane: We Saw Your Boobs

Seth MacFarlane and the L.A. Gay Men's Chorus singing about boobs.

Charlize Theron: We Saw Your Boobs song

“Reaction shots” from actresses like Charlize Theron made it twice as funny.

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