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Wednesday November 05, 2014

Election 2014: Voters Tired of Obstructionists in Congress, Vote for More Obstructionists in Congress

Every day I get an email from the New York Times with its various headlines, along with extras. Often they have a quote of the day. This was today's:


“All they do is fight between each other and don't get anything done. So we - and I - need something different in there. Everything needs to change.”

-- JOHN MILLER, an independent in Iowa voting in the midterm election.

So it worked. The Republicans obstructed, and the voters, too stupid to realize who to blame, blaming instead the tired, all-encompassing scapegoat of “Washington,” gave us more obstructionists. Or the same ones. 

Mr. Miller's quote is from this article: “To Angry Voters, Washington Comes Out the Biggest Loser.” Many of the people interviewed say the same things. Washington just fights, things aren't going well, we need a change. Ergo yesterday.

Was in inevitable? The battleground states tended red, the Dems in office there were swept in in 2008 after eight years of Bush, and now they're being swept out after six year of FOX News propaganda and GOP obstructionism. Not to mention Dems not willing to stand up for what they believe in. 

The headline should begin, “To Angry and Stupid Voters ... ”

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