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Thursday January 05, 2023

Dreaming of Another Effin' Yankees Title

Talking with friends, I became aware that the Yankees had won their 28th world championship. This was on the heels of a greater awfulness, probably political, which is why I hadn't really been paying attention to baseball. And maybe because I hadn't been paying attention to baseball, I allowed it to happen: 28 titles and ... how many pennants? 41? (Yes, they're on 40 now.) They'd started the season poorly, and some part of me was already counting this year as another World Series-less year for the team—their ... 14th in a row? (Yes, 2022 was 13 in a row.) And that's historic territory. And now all gone. And now we'd have to start over. Was I talking to Tim about it? In some residential woods? About how his friend Bill and all other Yankees fans would now get all their “28” merch, and that would add to the Yankees' coffers, and allow them to get even more and better players, and continue the dynasty, and ... Fuck!

It had begun with an early-season trade with a lesser team, the Giants or something, for infielders. Never trade with the Yankees! Stupid Giants. There were also hints something nefarious had happened mid-season, somebody who knew too much about Yankee history, or Aaron Judge, had been found dead, and, though murky, in the dream I accepted that it had been a hit, like some kind of Latin American coup, and now Judge and Yankees were bigger and more unstoppable than ever. They'd beaten my Mariners in the ALCS, and I'd been at the game that got the Mariners there. I flashed on sitting in the bleachers (where I never sit), and seeing a homerun land nearby, and rooting on the Ms even though in my heart I knew the Indians/Guardians had a better chance to stop the Yankees. But I'd rooted for the Ms and that helped the Yankees. And now, tomorrow morning when I woke up, there would be a moment when I didn't quite remember why I felt awful; and then the awfulness would hit me anew. On top of the greater, political awfulness. 

I was at the edge of the woods now, in a residential area, and watched a bullmastiff excitedly pulling his owner across the street and toward the woods.

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