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Did Anyone Predict a $204 Million Opening Weekend for 'Jurassic World'? Short Answer: No

Jurassic World box office record

204 million Jurassic dollars can't be wrong.

That's a T-Rex-sized opening all right.

“Jurassic World” had the second-biggest domestic opening of all time (unadjusted) when it pulled in $204 million this weekend. Only “Marvel's Avengers” in 2012 opened bigger: $207 million. Keep in mind: “Jurassic”'s are still estimates; there's a chance it can add another $4 mil on Sunday that wasn't anticipated. 

Did anyone see this coming? I certainly didn't. I was sideswiped by it as if by a huge T-Rex.

In its summer box-office predictions, Entertainment Weekly figured “Jurassic” as the No. 2 movie of the summer (after “Avengers/Ultron”), with a domestic total of $295 million. Which “Jurassic” will demolish by next weekend on its way north of $500 million.

Hitfix predicted $300 million and behind both “Avengers” and “Minions.” 

Vulture figured “Jurassic” for $240 million, behind “Avengers,” “Minions” and “Inside Out.” 

Bloomberg? “$85 million in its debut and $260 million in total in North America.” 

So no, no one saw this coming.

Even as late as Thursday, EW crossed its fingers for a $125 mil opener.   

What a difference a year makes. Last year we didn't get our first $100 million opening until November, and it seemed like the era of the “spectacle film” might be over. But it was just dormant. This year we've already had three $100 million openers and haven't officially hit summer yet. And “Star Wars VII” lies ahead. 

The No. 2 movie for the weekend, meanwhile, was Melissa McCarthy's “Spy,” which did OK given the circumstances: It fell by only 45% to pull in another $16 mil. But at $56.9 it looks to be the second McCarthy film (after “Tammy”) to not hit the $100 mil mark.

The other opener, “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” took in $210K in 15 theaters.

“Jurassic” also did well internationally, pulling in another $307 million, for a worldwide total of $511 million. That's a big bite. 

ADDENDUM: I was right: “Jurassic” did better than anticipated Sunday and its Weekend Actuals made it the top box-office opener of all time with a $208 million weekend. Where she stops, nobody knows. 

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Posted at 09:10 AM on Sun. Jun 14, 2015 in category Movies - Box Office  
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