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Darth Vader Speaks? Noooooooo!

George Lucas is at it again. This short video, from the upcoming Blu-Ray release of the original “Star Wars” trilogy, is making the internet rounds at hyperspace:

The addition of the melodramatic “Noooooooo!” is the problem for most “Star Wars” fans, but, let's face it, the scene sucked anyway. I dissected it for an MSNBC article, “Darth Vader Lives!,” back in 2005:

“Jedi” is the worst of the “Star Wars” movies because it illogically prolongs the obvious for imagined entertainment value. Thus Luke enters Jabba the Hutt’s lair without his light sabre so at the last instant R2D2 can shoot it to him and he can save the day. And thus, at the climactic moment Darth Vader watches his son getting fried by the Emperor. What will he do? Oh, what will he do? Witness some of the worst editing in movie history:

CUT TO: The Emperor shooting lightning from his fingers.
CUT TO: Luke writhing in pain.
CUT TO: Darth in close-up, witnessing.
CUT TO: Luke pleading for his father’s help.
CUT TO: Long shot of scene.
CUT TO: Luke writhing.
CUT TO: Darth, in close-up. (Deciding?)
CUT TO: The Emperor pausing to give his final speech: “And now young Skywalker, you will die.”
CUT TO: Darth, glancing back at his son.
CUT TO: Luke, in fetal position, with smoke coming off him.
CUT TO: The Emperor attacking again.
CUT TO: Darth witnessing.
CUT TO: Luke writhing.
CUT TO: Darth turning towards Emperor.
CUT TO: Emperor’s furious face in close-up.
CUT TO: Darth looking back at Luke.

Yes, it’s a long journey back from the dark side but the scene makes Darth appear about as quick-witted as Homer Simpson. Stupid! Pick him up! Throw him over the railing! There you go. Finally.

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Posted at 08:14 AM on Thu. Sep 01, 2011 in category Movies  


Mister B wrote:

When I saw this movie opening day in 1983, there were quite a few people yelling at the screen until Darth picked him up.

This movie is also my least-favorite of the decent Star Wars movies.

As I'm walking out of the theatre with a friend of mine, he says to me, “How come the Ewoks — if they're supposed to be living in trees — don't have any claws?”

Comment posted on Thu. Sep 01, 2011 at 11:17 AM

Mister B wrote:

I wonder if Lucas decided to add that because Vader also says “Noooooooo!” in Episode III when the Emperor tells him that Amidala didn't survive after Anakin choked her.

I didn't like it in Episode III, so I certainly don't like it being added to Episode VI.

Why can't Lucas stop messing with those movies?

Comment posted on Sat. Sep 03, 2011 at 01:06 AM
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