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Wednesday June 26, 2024

Craig on Donald Sutherland

“I've been hesitant to write about Donald Sutherland since the news of his death crashed on the shore of the world. This modern phenomenon of folks digitally dropping their heartfelt testimonials like singles, memorializing the lost in tidy packets suitable for sharing, seem all too often to be more about them than the deceased, and perhaps I'm wrong aren't especially in keeping with the spirit of Mr. Sutherland as I experienced him. ...

”What provoked me to finally embarrass myself in this way was a clip from a 60 Minutes interview someone posted on X in which Mr. Sutherland told the story of how his mother, confronted by her son with the question, 'Mother, am I good looking?', responded: 'Your face has character.' Anderson Cooper soon followed up by asking Mr. Sutherland if he thought he was ugly, and he said, 'Unattractive, I think, is the gentler way to put it,' and that's what sent me running to my computer just now, because that lilting little sentence which carries with it, in its vocabulary, syntax, punctuation and rhythm so much information, so much implicit wryness, wisdom, humility and grace made me miss him so much and want to be with him again, so here I am.“

-- Craig Wright, on his Substack ”Fancy!" Read the rest here.

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