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Friday April 05, 2019

Cracking Wise

That's Joan Blondell in “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?” which I watched the other day. She had quite a career, didn't she? A lot of the early Cagney co-stars lasted until the end of the ‘30s (Patricia Ellis) or maybe into the TV age if they were lucky (Madge Evans), but Blondell kept going, never stopped, and, a year before she died in 1979 she had a great bit part as Vi, the wise-cracking waitress at the local diner in “Grease.” It was one of three gigs she had that year. She have five in ’79. She kept going. Someone should do a documentary on her.

It's interesting the role TV occupies in “Rock Hunter.” Also marketing. Seems to have a greater awareness than we do of the chinciness of it all. And am I the only one who notices the “Robocop” echoes? Tony Randall and Miguel Ferrer both successfully push products and get rewarded with corporate vice-presidencies and executive washroom keys. Ferrer's product is Robocop; Randall's is Jayne Mansfield.

Here's to cracking wise.

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