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Saturday March 09, 2019


Some leftover images from last year—or 110 years ago.

One of the first movies I watched on FilmStruck when I joined in September (two months before its demise) was a short thing from something like ... 1909? I forget and I can't find it now. Anyone know the title? 

Anyway, I believe there was a warning about watching it. Contained offensive material, etc. 

The focus is an artist, who writes the word “COON” on a big blank piece of paper:


Then he draws this image around that word. 


Next, he writes COHEN.

And as you can imagine: 

One hundred years ago, this was considered entertainment. It was a laugh. It was clever. I post it as a history lesson. It's less to condemn the past than to remind us of the debt we owe the people who constantly pushed for empathy and reform so we could reach our present moment. Also to remind us that this present moment isn't secure, and never will be. There are still people who would see the above as clever entertainment. Some of them hold high office. 

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