Tuesday June 26, 2018

Civil Forfeiture

Don't even talk to me. Yesterday, the right, whose leader, Donald Trump, has insulted every decent person in America, accused the left of not being civil because over the weekend Sarah Huckabee Sanders couldn't get the chicken dinner in the restaurant she wanted. The owner wouldn't have her.

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling—and the court should increasingly be known as John Roberts' 5-4 court—upheld Trump's travel ban. And it only happened because of the above: Because Barack Obama and others were too civil with Mitch McConnell. All of this is happening because of that. It might even be Obama's greatest, saddest legacy: the fight he didn't take. Gorsuch is on the court for decades now. 

No more. When they go low, we kick them in the face. Otherwise, they‘ll keep going lower and lower and lower ... until there’s no United States of America left at all. 

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