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Catch of the Day: Ben Revere

Yesterday I heard Ben Revere made a great catch and I went to to check it out. My search led to this catch, screen-captured below, which is a great catch but it's not yesterday's catch. The one below took place during a spring training game in March. The ads on the outfield wall should've been a giveaway.

Ben Revere makes the catch in Philadelphia

I think needs to work on its search queries.

No, yesterday's catch was more spectacular—aided by the reaction it got from Cliff Lee and the doubling of the dude off first. Here's a .gif of the catch:

That Ben Revere catch

Not sure why the Minnesota Twins traded Ben Revere in December. His numbers last year were certainly respectable, he was young and cheap, and he kept making great catches in center field. Seriously, there's nothing like a great catch in center field.

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Posted at 01:55 PM on Tue. Apr 16, 2013 in category Baseball  
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