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Catch of the Day

Catch by Curtis Granderson in Game 4 of the ALDS

Facebook conversation last night:

Me: I hate the Yankees like I hate Republicans, but man that was a helluva catch by Granderson.

FB Friend 1 (Yankees fan, Democrat, affronted): Is there a bluer fan base in baseball than NY? Just sayin.

Me: Is there a richer 1% in baseball who fight to keep the system tilted in their favor? Just sayin.

FB Friend 2 (Mariners/Rockies/Cardinals fan, Democrat): I would venture a guess that the Bay Area is a bluer fan base. And Granderson had two great plays tonight, I really like that guy. Was a sad day when he was traded to the Yankees.

Yep. See the catch (or catches) here.

ADDENDUM: Nice piece by Grant Brisbee on Granderson's two catches, and the one Austin Jackson couldn't quite make.

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