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Thursday July 21, 2011

Captain America: Disambiguation

From Wikipedia, natch...

Captain America is a Timely/Atlas/Marvel comic book superhero.

Captain America may also refer to:

  • Captain America: The First Avenger, a 2011 film directed by Joe Johnston and starring Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones and Hugo Weaving.
  • Captain America (serial), a 1944 serial
  • Captain America (1990 film), a film starring Matt Salinger
  • Captain America (album), an album by Jimmy Buffett
  • Captain America, a song by the band moe. from their album Dither
  • Captain America, a character in the film Easy Rider
  • Captain America, a Scottish rock band later known as Eugenius
  • Captain America or Randy Couture (born 1963), mixed martial arts fighter
  • Captain Americas, a themed restaurant chain in Ireland (since 1971)
  • Captain America, a character in the television series Generation Kill
  • Claudio Reyna, former captain of the United States men's national soccer team, dubbed Captain America by British media

The Captain America of "Generation Kill" Jimmy Buffett's "Captain America"

Claudio Reyna, Captain America of the U.S. Men's Soccer team Captain America Peter Fonda as Captain America on the poster for "Easy Rider"

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