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Bush Offers Mea Culpa

  • WTF has Pres. Obama done so far? Click here.
  • My favorite sign from the Jon Stewart rally: “I support reasonable conclusions based on supported facts.”
  • St. Louis Park's own Tommy Friedman, that old Iraq War supporter, worries about a know-nothing future
  • Bob Herbert on what has happened to the middle class? Not in the last two years, kids. In the last 30.
  • Nate Silver, the 538 guy, predicts a divided Congress...but it could all go Republican.
  • A practical definition of propaganda could be: “accusing others of your own crimes.” For more than a year the right has called the left “Fascists.” But I don't remember anyone on the left literally stomping heads.  
  • Imagine any Republican, any, being as articulate and open as Pres. Obama is with this “It gets better” message.
  • No link here, but yesterday I kept seeing banner ads from “Freedom Club State PAC of Minnesota,” who apparently don't know I haven't lived there in three years, urging me to vote against Mark Dayton, and trotting out their favorite Republican candidate: Ronald Reagan. Love the new ideas they have. Love their new candidates.
  • And who is the Freedom Club State PAC of Minnesota? White suburban businessmen. The kind who give “white,” “suburban” and “businessmen” bad names.
  • Two years ago on election day, Michael Sokolove visited his hometown of Levittown, Penn., and found people both anxious for change and patient. Here's one former Vietnam Vet: “How long did it take Bush to get us into this mess? It’s a lot easier to screw things up than to make them better.” A shame this isn't the voice we're hearing these days.
  • Again no link, just a promise. No depression. Tomorrow I'll either be relieved or ... really pissed off. 
  • Vote. Democrat.
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Posted at 07:21 AM on Tue. Nov 02, 2010 in category Politics  


Mister B wrote:

Why does “Freedom Club State PAC of Minnesota” sound like “Gay Communist Gun Club” to me?

Comment posted on Wed. Nov 10, 2010 at 12:13 AM

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