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Box Office: Say Goodbye to Vinne Chase, Hello to Melissa McCarthy

Before its characters became self-centered and douchey, and the show celebrated this self-centeredness and douchiness with an obtuseness that was dispiriting, there was a good episode of “Entourage” in which the boys worried over the opening weekend box-office totals of Vinnie Chase's tentpole “Aquaman” movie. Would blackouts on the west coast kill its chances to beat the then-recordholder “Spider-Man”? In the end, it triumphed. Cue: celebration.

I assume “Entourage”'s real-life counterparts aren't doing much celebrating today.

“Entourage” finished in fourth place this weekend with $10.4 million. That's the 33rd-best opening this year (a little below what “The DUFF” did in February) and the 50th-best opening for a TV adaptation ever (a little below what “Dragnet,” starring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks, grossed in 1987, unadjusted). So ... not good.

Ah! But didn't “Entourage” really open on Wednesday? So wasn't its opening weekend totals diluted? Wouldn't the Wednesday/Thursday crowd have gone to see it this weekend?

Sure, why not. Let's assume that everyone who saw it those days would've seen it this weekend. That makes its (five-day) weekend box office total $17.8 million. Which is good for ... yeah, the same fourth-place finish.

Either way: So long, Vinnie Chase. We knew ye too well.

The No. 1 box-office hit this weekend was Melissa McCarthy's “Spy,” which grossed $30 million on the strength of a 95% Rotten Tomatoes rating and a general love for McCarthy. I wasn't blown away by it, but liked it well enough when it opened the Seattle International Film Festival last month. Of the movies she's headlined, it's a better opening that “Tammy” ($21 mil) but worse than “Identity Thief” ($34). I assume word-of-mouth will be good, the audience will be female-centric, so it will have a long shelf-life. $150 maybe? We'll see.

The second weekend of “San Andreas” slipped 51% to $26 mil for second place. The horror flick “Insidious Chapter 3” finished third with $23 after the usual strong open for horror flicks ($10 mil Friday night). It's also down from the $40 mil opening of the second movie in Sept. 2013. But that one was closer to Halloween.

In limited release (483 theaters), the Brian Wilson biopic, “Love & Mercy,” finished in 11th place, grossing $2.2 million. Of the top 11 movies, that's the one I'd recommend seeing. In case anyone's listening. In case it's playing at a theater near you.

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