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Sunday October 06, 2019

Box Office: ‘Joker’ Breaks October Box Office Record

I‘ll refrain from “laughs all the way ...” jokes.

So, yes, “Joker”’s $93.5 million domestic haul is the biggest opening ever in October, beating out last year's supervillain movie, “Venom,” by about $13 million. But it's also the biggest opening ever for a movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. It beats out “Signs,” which opened to $60 million in 2002, “The Village” ($50 in 2004) and “Gladiator” ($34.8 in 2000).

As you go down that list, the thing you notice is no recent movies. Nothing this decade. We get movies from the 1980s (“Space Camp” and “Parenthood”) before anything from the past 10 years. All of this unadjusted. 

Made me wonder: Did “Joker”'s opening beat the openings to all of Joaquin's 2010s movies combined? Yes, and it's not even close. His previous 10 movies opened to a total of $2 million. Not average. Total.

That made me wonder: Did “Joker”'s three days beat the entire domestic box office of Joaquin's other 2010s output? Check it out. 

2019 Joker (2019) $93,500,000 $93,500,000
2019 Mary Magdalene $124,741 $46,646
2018 The Sisters Brothers $3,143,056 $115,575
2018 Don't Worry He Won't Get Far on Foot $1,441,705 $83,339
2018 You Were Never Really Here $2,528,078 $132,829
2015 Irrational Man $4,030,360 $175,312
2014 Inherent Vice $8,110,975 $328,184
2014 The Immigrant $2,025,328 $44,064
2013 Her (2013) $25,568,251 $260,382
2012 The Master $16,377,274 $736,311
2010 I'm Still Here $408,983 $96,658
   TOTALS 63,758,751 2,019,300

Some good movies in there, too. Three (“The Master,” “Her” and “Inherent Vice”) would be in the discussion for best movies of the decade. “The Master,” at least, would be in my discussion.

Haven't seen “Joker” yet but know the controversy. Interestingly, this argument (violence begets...) used to come from the right. Now it's the left.

It did well abroad, too: another $140 million. I guess some people don't want anything logical; some people just want to watch the world burn. 

Elsewhere, “Hustlers” made enough $6.3 and is at $91, while “It Chapter Two” crossed the $200 million rubicon with another $5.3. I like that “Good Boys” is still out there. It finished 10th, adding another $900k for $83. 

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