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Sunday June 17, 2018

Box Office ‘Incredibles 2’ Shatters Animated Mark

Incredibles 2

Animated movies tend to open slower than the other kind but have longer legs. Before this weekend, the biggest animated opener was Pixar/Disney's “Finding Dory” in 2016, which opened to $135 million in 4,305 theaters. That's the 25th best opening ever. We rush to the other kind but I guess it's sometimes hard to get the kids, or their parents, organized for opening weekends. Plans. 

Not this weekend. Now “Dory” is the 26th-biggest opening because Pixar/Disney's “Incredibles 2” opened to $180 million. That's eighth-best all-time. It shattered the animated mark by nearly $50 million. It jumped 33 percent. As Frank Tarkenton used to say, that's incredible. 

Rotten Tomatoes likes it, too: 94%. Jeff Wells has a different opinion

(BTW: The best opening for an animated non-sequel? This, at $104 million.)

Elsewhere, “Ocean's 8” dropped 53% to finish second with $19 mil and a cumulative $79 mil. The men-will-be-boys comedy “Tag” (RT: 56%) opened to $14.6 and third place, while the “Superfly” reboot landed in seventh with $6.3. John Travolta's “Gotti,” with its infamous 0% RT rating, slept with the fishes: $1.6, 12th place. Just ahead of it? The 15th weekend of “A Wrinkle in Time,” which got a theater boost (+85), and perhaps a publicity boost from Brie Larson vis a vis the preponderence of white male critics, to gross another $1.7, which allowed it to finally gasp over the $100 million domestic mark, at $100,000,127. Its worldwide gross is $132.

Speaking of gasping: Fourth place was occupied by “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” which earned another $9 mil for $192 million domestic. How low is that? If you adjust for inflation, it's the lowest-grossing among the 10 “Star Wars” canon movies. The previous record was the second prequel, 2002's “Attack of the Clones,” which grossed the equivalent of... $476 million. So a bit of a drop. That's also Disney, of course. So moviegoers giveth and taketh. And sometimes we can only taketh so much. 

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