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Box Office: 'Gone Girl' is No. 1 with a Bullet; 'Left Behind' is Left Behind

“Gone Girl” has given director David Finch the biggest opening of his career (unadjusted): $38 million. It just barely nipped “Annabelle” ($37.2), the derivative prequel to the excellent horror film “The Conjuring,” to win the weekend.

For those interested, here’s a history of the opening weekends for Fincher’s films:

  Movie Opening Thtrs Total Gross
1 Gone Girl $38,000,000 3,014 $38,000,000
2 Panic Room $30,056,751 3,053 $96,397,334
3 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button $26,853,816 2,988 $127,509,326
4 The Social Network $22,445,653 2,771 $96,962,694
5 Alien 3 $19,449,867 2,227 $55,473,545
6 The Game $14,337,029 2,403 $48,323,648
7 Seven $13,949,807 2,441 $100,125,643
8 Zodiac $13,395,610 2,362 $33,080,084
9 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo $12,768,604 2,914 $102,515,793
10 Fight Club $11,035,485 1,963 $37,030,102

“The Equalizer,” last weekend’s No. 1, held up well, dropping 44% to come in third with $19 million. The second weekend of “The Boxtrolls” finished fourth ($12.4) and the third weekend of “The Maze Runner” finished fifth ($12).

In sixth place, with $6.8 million in 1,825 theaters, is something that seem like future MST3K fodder: “Left Behind,” based upon the Christian, ha ha, apocalypse-for-you-heaven-for-me novels by Jerry B. Jenkins. The star? Nic Cage. The movie is currently at 2% on Rotten Tomatoes. Who liked it? Diana Saenger, who operates her own syndicate, and belongs to the San Diego Film Critics Society. She also liked “Heaven is for Real” and “Son of God.” And “Jersey Boys,” for that matter.

I’d recommend reading RT’s page of blurbs on “Left Behind” for fun. Among my favorite lines:

the most boring version of the Rapture I could have ever imagined
--Kevin Carr, 7M Pictures

It believes people might buy a ticket to “Left Behind” and not know the twist, like someone sitting down to watch Godzilla and being shocked by the entrance of a giant lizard.
--Amy Nicholson, LA Weekly

I can't wait for Nic Cage to explain THIS one to God on Judgment Day.
--Martin Scribbs, Mixed Reviews

Score one for Satan.
--Linda Barnard, Toronto Star

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