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Box Office: 'Deadpool' Keeps Grossing, 'Risen' Barely Rises, 'Witch' Scares Up Little, 'Race' Falls Behind

Once again, “Deadpool” took our milk money, falling off only 58.5% and grossing another $55 mil for a 10-day total of $235. That's the 16th-best 10-day total ever (unadjusted), and indicates where our mouthy manchild might wind up. “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” is one above it, in 15th place, and it grossed $380; one below, “Twilight: New Moon” conked out at $296. So probably between those, and probably closer to the former. He's your only superhero, after all, until the end of March. 

This weekend, three new movies opened, two of which I've anticpated, so of course it's the third one, with the lowest RT rating, “Risen” (Jesus, nonbeliever, resurrection), that rises above the others. But none of them have anything to brag about:

Rnk Movie Wknd Gross Thtrs Avg
3 Risen $11,800,000 2,915 $4,048
4 The Witch $8,685,270 2,046 $4,245
6 Race $7,275,000 2,369 $3,071

I'm surprised by the shrug elicited for both “The Witch,” which looks truly terrifying, and “Race,” which looks typical of an early season biopic but is still the first feature film to focus on Jesse Owens. Ever.

Definitely no love for “Zoolander 2,” which opened abysmally and still fell off by 60%, for $5.5 mil and 7th place. It's now at $23.7. To be fair, the original hardly killed, grossing $45 in 2000. I guess people thought it picked up a following on cable. Or something. 

In eighth place? The 10th weekend of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which is now at $921 million domestic and $2.039 billion worldwide. But it's crawling now rather than zipping at lightspeed. 

The best per-theater average? “The Mermaid” or “Mei ren yu,” the latest from Stephen Chow, which is setting records in China. It played in only 35 theaters in the U.S. but grossed $29K per. 

Movies I want to see? In order:

  1. The Witch
  2. Hail, Caesar! (I know; busy)
  3. Mei ren yu
  4. Race
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Posted at 02:43 PM on Sun. Feb 21, 2016 in category Movies - Box Office  
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