Wednesday July 15, 2015

Best Paragraph I've Read This Week

From Jelani Cobb's innovative takedown, “Donald Trump is a Rapper,” on The New Yorker site:

Measured against the probability of, say, the Chicago Cubs winning the Super Bowl, the Presidential campaign of Donald John Trump, real-estate baron, clothier, and firer of faux employees, has a degree of plausibility. Considered by more conventional measures—and recent polling data notwithstanding—Trump stands almost no chance of gaining the Republican nomination, or ascending to the Presidency if he did. His is a campaign of vanity, of the sort that suggests an inversion of Sherman's dictum: if he campaigns he shall not be nominated, if nominated he shall not win. This does not mean that his campaign is without significance. Trump has attacked a number of targets in his embryonic candidacy—China, Mexican immigrants, Hillary Clinton—but his most personal grudge appears to be against euphemism. He does not bother to sheath his protectionist urges in pablum about competitiveness, preferring prosecutorial accusation of trade infringement. His gaseous bigotry toward Mexicans who cross the border illegally traffics in unrefined stereotypes, not the language of “fairness” to those immigrants who wait their turn. In launching his campaign he openly stated the underlying rationale of his candidacy: “I'm rich.”

The rest of the piece is good, too.

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