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Before the Show at Pacific Place No. 2

Movie: “(500) Days of Summer”
Theater: Pacific Place
Screen: No. 2
Chain: AMC
Location: Downtown Seattle
Seated: 3:18 for a 3:30 showing.


  • Blackberry Pearl Smartphone. Includes butt conversation. Classy.
  • U2: “Every generation gets a chance to change the world.” Or advertise in it.
  • Extended featurette for a new TV series by David S. Goyer: Flashforward: “It began like any other day...until 7 billion people blacked out.” Apparently we wake up knowing our future. And what do we do with that knowledge? And how much, if anything, can be changed? Etc. I probably won't be there for it, but...bon appetit.
  • Jeter, Federer, Tiger Woods, a dude trying to pick up a girl: “We all have confidence, we all have doubt.” But some of us don’t have to try to pick up girls.
  • Cube Mobile. Turns out it’s an ad for a car.
  • That Facebook thingee with the girl who can’t sing.
  • That Benjamin Bratt show, in which he saves addicts while “Hallelujah” plays in the background. I remember when that song was new. (More on this later.)
  • “What has search overload done to us?” Somehow Bing is supposed to help. That's like: What have all of these Big Macs done to us? Eat at Burger King.
  • A J.C. Penney whatever.
  • The dancing shark/Minute Maid thing. Is “Who’s gonna get the empties?” the best line they could come up with?
  • A bunch of bugs steal a bottle of Coke from a picnic and then crawl all over it. Num.
  • “First Look”: Actually second. It's a summary of what's just been advertised. In case you've forgotten.
  • Blowing up Mt. Rushmore/turn off your cell phone message
  • MST 3000 Fathom event ad: Thursday, August 20. Might be fun.
  • Magic Flute Fathom event ad: August 5. Might be fun.
  • Will Rogers Institute
  • “In case of emergency, walk, do not run, to the nearest exit.” These are new. Wonder what brought them on? What tragedy where? What lawsuit where?


  • “Funny People”: “I think your grandfather went to hell” is one of the funnier lines I’ve heard in a trailer. I mean it. Despite mixed reviews, I’m looking forward.
  • “Time Traveler’s Wife”: In any love story, the dramatic question is: How do you keep the lovers apart? The solution here is to steal from Kurt Vonnegut. I.e., Eric Bana just got unstuck in time. “I can’t stay,” he says. “I know,” she says. So tragic. If he'd only stay they'd realize how much they don't want to be together. Nice to see you again, Rachel McAdams, but not in this.
  • “Love Happens”: Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart give the rom-com another go. His wife has died and he’s written a book about it, a self-help book, that’s sweeping the nation. He’s in Seattle for a book reading. She’s in Seattle. They click. They don’t. Their noodging friends push them together again. (Beautiful people in love are such pains.) He needs her. He confesses that his book is a lie. He probably comes clean. They probably get together. What’s the point of seeing this now? Now that they’ve given it all away?
  • “Julie & Julia”: I am so there.
  • “Taking Woodstock”: Fingers crossed.

Forgot my watch. Not sure when the movie started. But that's altogether too many ads. They're taking them from where they're needed (newspapers) and putting them where they're not wanted.

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Tim wrote:

I quite enjoyed the book version of "Time Traveler's Wife" -- didn't know it was being made into a movie, but shouldn't be surprised...
Comment posted on Sat. Aug 01, 2009 at 02:45 AM
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