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Sunday April 26, 2009

Before the Show: 4-24-09

Theater: Pacific Place
Screen: No. 9 (upstairs on the left)
Location: Downtown Seattle
Chain: AMC
Operating: Since 1998
Arrived: 3:55, ten minutes early (I’m always early; it’s a curse.)

  • AMC “Star Trek” gift cards (“Collect all four!” Four?)
  • “Doubt” DVD (“You should understand that. Or you will mistake me.”)
  • “Terminator: Salvation” (Bale holding onto that Dark Knight voice.)
  • Nintendo DSI (Kids distorting each other’s photographs on their phones. One photo looks normal, though, and it turns out the kid himself has a distorted face. Uck.)
  • “Parks & Recreation” (Again.)
  • Another Nintendo DSI ad with distorted-face kid
  • and the premiere of “Angels & Demons”
  • Olay body yadda-yadda
  • New season of “The Deadliest Catch” (It feels like a Ken Burns doc compacted into 15 seconds.)
  • The Honda Insight (A fun, quirky ad, actually.)
  • Coke (Thirsty kid sees coke bottles everywhere.)
  • Sprint ad/warning with chimpanzee movie star and agent (“It takes many calls to make a movie...”)
  • Dr. Laura: “In Praise of Mom”
  • “Death Note”
  • Autism Society

Lights dim

Coming soon:

  • “Angels & Demons”: Don’t know about this movie, and I’m a little tired of operatic ooomph in trailers, but I like Tom Hanks’ admonishing line-reading here: “Fellas. You called me.”
  • “The Boat That Rocked” with Philip Seymour Hoffman: How much of the movie are they giving away? I felt like I got the whole story. I felt like I don’t need to see the thing now.
  • “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. I hope the movie doesn’t fudge this fact: If your boss looks like Bullock and you hate her? You’d want to bang her even more, not less. But I get the feeling Reynolds’ character will only want to sleep with her (genteelly, of course) once he begins to like her. Blech.
  • “Taking Woodstock”: Ang Lee and what looks like a great cast. Fingers crossed.
  • “Imagine That”: Eddie Murphy and Rudy Huxtable.
  • “Star Trek”: This is the summer blockbuster I’m most anticipating. Love it when Kirk sits in the captain’s chair. And Zachary Quinto (if his name only counted in Scrabble!) looks freakingly amazingly like young Leonard Nimoy.

“Please don’t spoil the movie by adding your own soundtrack”

Movie starts: 4:23 (18 minutes after scheduled showtime.)

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