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Before the Show: 4-19-09

  • Theater: Varsity
  • Screen: No. 1, (ground floor)
  • Location: University District, Seattle
  • Chain: Landmark Theaters, since 1989
  • History: The Meister Building was built in 1921 but it didn't house a movie theater until 1940. Renovation for additional screens occurred in 1985.
  • Ads (begun at showtime):
  1. HDNet (“ no place to hide,” says Dan Rather, as if he’s imparting wisdom. Surely one of the dumbest lines I keep hearing.)
  2. Stella Artois (Surely one of the best ad series I keep seeing. This was the one with the French cyclists. “C’est pour toi, Papa.”)
  3. The Wrestler on DVD
  4. Volvo
  5. 2009 Seattle International Film Festival (creepier and more opaque than it needed to be. C’mon, dudes.)
  • Trailers:
  1. “Enlighten Up!” (A doc about yoga that started out interesting and then got a little too west-coast loopy for me. Pass, unless the reviews are good.)
  2. “Good-bye Solo”
  3. “Every Little Step: A Chorus Line”

I used to go to this theater all the time, 10, 15 years ago, when I worked across the street at the University Book Store, and its eclectic schedule is part of the reason I got such a warped perspective of our national movieviewing habits. You mean everyone didn’t see “Stalingrad”? Or even have the chance to not see “Stalingrad”? I live on the other side of town now so haven’t spent much time at the Varsity recently. I was even surprised at how small their main theater was — as if I were an adult returning to a childhood hangout rather than a 40-something revisiting some place I hung out at 33. Either everything gets smaller with time (we certainly do), or I’m used to the bigger, newer Regal theaters downtown now.

I know. The latter.

Posted at 09:21 AM on Fri. Apr 24, 2009 in category Movies - Theaters  


Mister B wrote:

Seeing the occasional movie at one of the newer additions upstairs from the main one, I feel like I've been invited to a private screening.

It's an old, small multiplex, yes.
Comment posted on Fri. Apr 24, 2009 at 11:44 AM

Uncle Vinny wrote:

I saw that preview for Goodbye Solo last night. Sometimes I wish I could skip previews... I enjoy movies more when I don't know much about 'em.
Comment posted on Fri. May 01, 2009 at 02:08 PM
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