Monday April 20, 2009

Before the Show: 4-17-09

  • Theater: Uptown Cinemas
  • Location: Lower Queen Anne, Seattle
  • Chain: AMC Loews
  • Arrived: 7 minutes early
  • Ads: “Doubt” (DVD)
    “Terminator: Salvation”
    “Parks & Recreation” (TV)
    The KIA gerbil ad (it’s cool not to exercise)
    “Life After People” (TV)
    Olay ad
    U.S. Marines ad
    “Deadliest Catch” (TV)
    Honda Accord ad (where they split the car down the middle)
    Coke ad (sweaty, thirsty guy seeing coke-bottle images everywhere)
    Dr. Laura (“In Praise of Mom” – live screening)
    “You have been watching the AMC Movie Watchers Network”
  • Trailers began: 4 minute late
  • Trailers: “Public Enemies”
    “Star Trek”
  • Movie began: 12-14 minutes late
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