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Before the Show: 4-17-09

  • Theater: Uptown Cinemas
  • Location: Lower Queen Anne, Seattle
  • Chain: AMC Loews
  • Arrived: 7 minutes early
  • Ads: “Doubt” (DVD)
    “Terminator: Salvation”
    “Parks & Recreation” (TV)
    The KIA gerbil ad (it’s cool not to exercise)
    “Life After People” (TV)
    Olay ad
    U.S. Marines ad
    “Deadliest Catch” (TV)
    Honda Accord ad (where they split the car down the middle)
    Coke ad (sweaty, thirsty guy seeing coke-bottle images everywhere)
    Dr. Laura (“In Praise of Mom” – live screening)
    “You have been watching the AMC Movie Watchers Network”
  • Trailers began: 4 minute late
  • Trailers: “Public Enemies”
    “Star Trek”
  • Movie began: 12-14 minutes late
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Posted at 07:56 AM on Mon. Apr 20, 2009 in category Movies - Theaters  


Mister B wrote:

When I worked at the Guild 45th in 1985-1986, I would be asked by customers when the "real start time" was and I would just add a couple of minutes because of a small number of trailers.

Nowadays, though, if/when Dawn are running a few minutes late to a movie, both of us figure that even if we're 15 minutes late, we're not going to miss anything important -- and sometimes, we're not going to miss any of the movie.

And I'd still like to know why theatres show ads for TV programs. Is it because movie trailers appear on TV (so it's more out of fairness than anything else) or do they want us thinking we'd rather be home watching "Deadliest Catch" instead of paying $10 to see the latest Shawn Wayans movie?

Hmmmm...since I put it that way...
Comment posted on Mon. Apr 20, 2009 at 09:24 AM

Uncle Vinny wrote:

I hadn't made the connection of the KIA ad to "don't exercise", but that's a good way to put it. Super duper sugary cute, though...
Comment posted on Mon. Apr 20, 2009 at 11:31 PM
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