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Saturday May 14, 2016

Baseball Trivia: The Original 16 Teams and the World Series

Some trivia questions that arose out of a side-project on the history of the World Series.

(Answers in the comments section.)

  1. Which was the first MLB team to go to the World Series twice?
  2. First World Series: 1903Which was the first team to WIN the World Series twice?
  3. By the time the Boston Red Sox traded Babe Ruth in 1919, they had been to the World Series five times. How many had they won?
  4. Which was the last of the original 16 teams to go to the World Series?
  5. Which was the last of the original 16 to WIN the World Series?
  6. Of the original 16, how many teams went to the World Series before the Yankees?
  7. Of the original 16, two teams are currently tied for the fewest pennants: Who and how many?
  8. Five teams, including expansions teams, won the first two World Series they appeared in. Name them.
  9. Which was the first World Series that didnít include at least one of the original 16 franchises?
  10. The NY/SF Giants have the second-most pennants in MLB history: 20. That amounts to 18% of all possible NL pennants that could be won. The Yankees, of course, are far ahead of that percentage. To lower itself to only 18%, how many pennant-less seasons would the Yankees need to have? What year would it be before they could win another?
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