Wednesday December 27, 2017


Donald Trump

“What more could Putin ask for? Well, he could hope that his grotesque attack on the last U.S. election would lead to no serious effort to prevent it happening again. And lo, an American president has emphatically refused to lift a finger to defend the Constitution he is duty bound to protect. There's been no attempt by the White House to protect the integrity of our elections just a constant disdain for those who worry about them, and a general, somewhat egregious, complacency.

”No American president in history has ever given Russia so much in so short a time. Congrats, Vladimir. You've achieved what no Soviet dictator ever managed to. Your asset in the White House, figurative or not, has given more than all the British and American traitors in the history of the Cold War.“

-- Andrew Sullivan, ”Putin's First Year in the White House," New York Magazine website

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