Sunday March 19, 2017

Another Right-Wing Boycott Goes Bust as 'Beauty and the Beast' Breaks Box-Office Records

Emma Watson in "Beauty and the Beast"

“Cute dress.”

Holy shit.†

The live action “Beauty and the Beast,” starring Emma Watson, grossed $170 million over the weekend. In three days it made more in the U.S. than “The LEGO Batman Movie” has made in 38 days.†

It's the 7th-biggest opening weekend ever, and the biggest that doesn't include superheroes, light sabres or dinosaurs. It's also Watson's biggest openeróby $1 million. The final “Harry Potter” opened to $169 in July 2011. Oh, and it's the biggest opener in March, wiping away last year's blemish, “Batman v. Superman,” by $4 mil.†

One hopes this whopping weekend sends a message or two:

  • To Hollywood: We don't need another hero. A heroine can work.†
  • To right-wingers: Try boycotting something that has a chance in hell of working.

In the last few months, conservatives have boycotted “Hamilton,” Starbucks, and this. They objected to this because there's a gay character in it. Cue:†Randy Rainbow with the rebuttal.†

Elsewhere, in its second weekend, “Kong: Skull Island” fell off by only 53%, not bad, but it's still only at $110 million. Not the tentpole Warner Bros. was hoping for.†

In its third weekend, “Logan” fell of by 54% for another $17.5 and an overall domestic gross of $184 million. That's No. 1 on the year ... for another day or two. Then it gets swamped by Emma.†

Jordan Peele's horror film/social commentary†“Get Out” pulled in another $13 mil for a domestic take of $133.

The numbers.

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