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Another day, another glitch

Tweaked my back a few weeks ago and so this morning went to my doctor — my GP as they're called now. Waited over two hours. (I read: I, Claudius.) He thought it was a strained muscle or ligament more than a disc problem — thank God — and recommended some physical therapy sessions. In fact, he recommended a physical therapist in an adjacent building, which is only a block from where I live. Nice. At their counter, though, the receptionist told me they didn't take my insurance carrier (IC from here on out), but recommended another place downtown that did take my IC. Except, upon making an appointment, I discovered that, while they did take my IC, the physical therapist on staff was somehow still "out of network." So no good. So I contacted my IC, who gave me some recommendations and an appointment was made at another downtown location. Hopefully I won't get billed for the entire thing but I wouldn't be surprised. It's happened in the past.

Then, on Orbitz, I made a reservation two round-trip tickets to Minneapolis later this month. The price stunk, and went up mid-reservation, and I had to update some other info, but finally the reservation was made. Got an e-mail confirmation 15 minutes later. But while my seat was listed properly (8C and 20C), Patricia's was not (08 and 20 instead of 8B and 20B). Logging on, I found her seats filled but not by her. So either someone took them just before I did or (more likely) there was some kind of glitch. But who do you call at Orbitz? Is there anyone even there at Orbitz? So I called the airline, who confirmed what I suspected (P had no seats), and, after about 10 minutes, they rebooked us with crappier seats. And suddenly it was 3:30.

I want to emphasize I don't find the above exceptionally annoying. I find it typical — something you and I go through every day — and that's what I find annoying.

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