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Sunday June 16, 2013

And the Last Shall Have a 5-Game Win Streak

Here's an oddity in Major League Baseball that probably won't repeat itself soon: Any team with a winning streak longer than one game has a negative run differential (indicating they're bad), while the two teams with the longest losing streaks, the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees, have positive run differentials (indicating they're good).

Click on the image for a bigger version:

MLB streaks as of June 16, 2013


Goes to show how much things even out in baseball over the long months.

If I were a Yankees fan, by the way, I wouldn't be worried that my team is only six games over .500. I'd be worried that it barely has a positive run differential. It indicates they've been lucky so far. +3? The 2013 Yankees are basically a .500 team.

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