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And the 2014 Best Picture Goes to ...

2014 best picture candidates

Rather than do individual posts for the best picture awards given out by critics' groups and/or industry groups for the 2014 season, I thought I'd just list them here and update periodically.

The parenthetical number next to the group/review/circle/society/association is the number of times its best pic agreed with the Academy's best pic since 2000. In some ways, the less often they agree, the more I respect them, since the Academy has made some pretty blisteringly awful choices.

Here they are, listed in more or less the order the award was announced.

Chicago has agreed with the Academy most often, by the way, because it also chose “Crash” as its best picture of 2005. For which I blame the late, great Roger Ebert.

Posted at 03:50 PM on Sun. Dec 07, 2014 in category Movies - Awards  
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