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Sunday January 26, 2020

All Over But the Speeches? ‘1917’ Wins DGA

Last night Sam Mendes won the Directors Guild Award for his WWI film “1917,” adding to the hardware he, and his film, have already collected. The week before it won the Producers Guild Award. Two weeks before that, the Golden Globe for Best Drama. It's been nominated for nine BAFTA awards and 10 Oscars. It's rolling.

So what are the chances it rolls its way into the Oscar for best picture?

At this point, pretty good. This century, the PGAs and DGAs have agreed 12 times (1917 is the lucky 13th), and of those 12 the Academy went with the DGA/PGA pick 10 times. In 2005, to its perpetual embarassment, the Academy chose “Crash” over “Brokeback”; and for the 2016 season, in an envelope mixup for the ages, it went “Moonlight” over “La La Land.” Otherwise, lockstep.

2019 1917 1917 ???
2018 Roma Green Book Green Book
2017 The Shape of Water The Shape of Water The Shape of Water
2016 La La Land La La Land Moonlight
2015 The Revenanat The Big Short Spotlight
2014 Birdman Birdman Birdman
2013 Gravity Gravity/12 Years a Slave 12 Years a Slave
2012 Argo Argo Argo
2011 The Artist The Artist The Artist
2010 The King's Speech The King's Speech The King's Speech
2009 The Hurt Locker The Hurt Locker The Hurt Locker
2008 Slumdog Millionaire Slumdog Millionaire Slumdog Millionaire
2007 No Country for Old Men No Country for Old Men No Country for Old Men
2006 The Departed Little Miss Sunshine The Departed
2005 Brokeback Mountain Brokeback Mountain Crash
2004 Million Dollar Baby The Aviator Million Dollar Baby
2003 Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings
2002 Chicago Chicago Chicago
2001 A Beautiful Mind Moulin Rouge! A Beautiful Mind
2000 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Gladiator Gladiator

It feels like we‘re done. Shame. It’s never much fun when we feel like we're done.

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