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Sunday May 05, 2019

After 12 Days, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is Second All-Time in Global Box Office


I took this screenshot yesterday after the Friday returns came in. I knew after today it would be all “Avengers: Endgame”:

“Force Awakens” blew everything away in Dec. 2015. I mean, we'd been waiting 33 years, though several generations, for the next step in the “Star Wars” saga and this was it, and everybody wanted to see it. 

“Endgame” fans, in comparision, had been waiting only seven years, since the appearance of Thanos during the credits of “Marvel's The Avengers” in 2012, for this. And it's not like they‘ve been starved for superhero movies in the meantime. Even so, “Endgame” is blowing everything away. Its 8-day gross is bigger than “Force”’s 9-day gross, and nearly as much as its 10-day gross.

So what is “Endgame”'s 10-day gross? The estimate is $619.6 million. “Force” was the first movie with greater than $500 million domestic after 10 days. “Endgame” is now the only one north of $600 mil. Here are all the 10-day grossers greater than $400:

1 Avengers: Endgame $619,698,638 $619,698,638
2 Star Wars: The Force Awakens $540,058,914 $936,662,225
3 Avengers: Infinity War $453,107,350 $678,815,482
4 Black Panther $403,613,257 $700,059,566
5 Jurassic World $402,800,065 $652,270,625

Other records are falling as well, of course. “Endgame” is the first non-Chinese movie to gross more than US$500 million in China, and is currently third all-time there, behind “Wolf Warrior II” and “The Wandering Earth.” 

And after 12 days of global release, it's at $2.188 billion worldwide, which is just a hair ahead of James Cameron's “Titanic,” for No. 2 all-time (and unadjusted). No. 1 is James Cameron's “Avatar” at $2.788 billion. If it surpasses that, and it seems likely to, “Endgame” will become the first non-Cameron movie to top that chart, our most lucrative and coveted chart, in 21 years.

Domestically, it's ninth all-time, and the only real question is if it will become second all-time (must pass: “Avatar,” $760.5) or first (“Force Awakens, $936.6). I guess there's a third question: Can it reach $1 billion domestic?

Are the folks at Marvel Studios/Disney basking in all this? Or are they thinking, ”What can we do to top it?“ My immediate thought: You can‘t. My immediate thought: Be like the Beatles after ”Sgt. Pepper“ and pare down to the basics a la ”The White Album.“ Maybe that’s what ”Spider-Man: Far from Home" is. 

Anyway, we'll be sorting through this over the next few weeks and months. It is another reminder, to all the anti-Hollywood folks on the right, that few American industries dominate their market the way Hollywood does. Maybe none of them do. 

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