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A Team without Superstars

Remember when they said that of the vaunted 2001 Mariners? After we lost Randy, Junior and A-Rod and kept on winning? A team without superstars. After one game, mid-season, I remember someone, possibly Ron Fairly, trotted this out again, and Dave Niehaus responded, “Oh, there's a superstar.” He meant Ichiro.

Well, give or take a king on the mound, we're now truly a team without superstars. But this time we're a sucky team without superstars.

Today I was looking at our abyssmal OBP and SLG and OPS numbers, and then noticed that our best OPS from an everyday player was the .772 mark shared by Kyle Seager and Michael Saunders, noticed again that they were ranked 77th and 78th in the Majors, and wondered if every team had a player above our best player.

The answer? Yes. Every team has a player above our best player. Only San Diego really makes it close.

Team Best player 2nd Best 3rd Best 4th Best 5th Best
Cincinnati 1 33 67

Texas 2 25 53 68 76
NY Mets 3 69

Boston  4

Milwaukee 5 50 59

St. Louis 6 24 28 48
Philadelphia 7 52

Colorado 8 18 57

LA Angels 9 15

Pittsburgh 10

Chi Sox 11 30 47 60
NY Yankees 12 38 42 62 63
Toronto 13 27 49

Minnesota 14 34

Detroit 16 21 29

Baltimore 17 61 66 72
Tampa Bay 19 65

San Francisco 20 43

Miami 22 70 75

Arizona  23 26 37 56
Oakland  31

Atlanta 32 44 54 64
Cleveland  35 55

Kansas City 36 46 71

LA Dodgers 39 41

Houston  40 58 74

Washington 45

Chi Cubs 51

San Diego 73

Seattle 77

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In fact, 23 teams have a second player ranked before the M's first, and exactly half (15) have a third player. Seven teams have a fourth player, and two teams, Texas and the Yankees, have a fifth player whose OPS is better than the M's best player.


That's part of why it's so difficult watching these games. There's no one scary in our lineup. Not one. Not even close.

On the plus side, we do have a second player on the list before the Padres. Plus our team is young, and they play at Safeco.

But a star would be nice. Or at least a bright light. 

Safeco Field

Safeco Field: No bright lights, no big city.

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