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A Nightmare of a Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

“The only thing that would've satisfied most people is if I jumped up and hit Rumsfeld with a cinder block. Barring that, there's very little I could've done. But it'd be very easy to make a documentary where you throw questions at him and he'd walk off stage or fail to answer. There's stuff that leaked out in that movie — a kind of narcissism, arrogance — that's very powerful in the movie. It scared me, actually. It still does. That this man could have so much power. I remember reading a New York Times article on him and people will forever remember how brilliant he is or how convincing he is, but I didn't find him to be either. To me he was like the kind of person who shows up at your front door selling aluminum siding or a new vacuum cleaner. He's like a nightmare.”

-- documentarian Errol Morris on his film “The Unknown Known,” in a very good conversation with Christopher Bell on “The Playlist,” a site which has way too many ads. My review here, in which I wrote, “Keeping Morris’ questions at bay doesn’t hide [Rumsfeld's] nature but reveals it. He wins the arguments but loses the war.”

Donald Rumsfeld in "The Unknown Known"

Donald Rumsfeld wants to sell you something. Whoops, he already did.

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