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Friday September 18, 2015

A Few Thoughts on the ‘Creed’ Trailer

Rocky's back! And this time he's black! Kinda sorta:

A few scattered thoughts:

  • Is this Stallone's payback for all those years of being the Great White Hope? Getting white people/Italians all pumped up per Eddie Murphy?
  • Is Rocky Mickey now? (Trainer, see “Rocky”)
  • Is Rocky Adrian now? (Sick before big fight, see “Rocky II”)
  • Paulie's dead, eh? Like Mickey (“Rocky III”) Apollo (“Rocky IV”), and Adrian (“Rocky Balboa”). Wither Gazzo?
  • Mrs. Cosby is Mrs. Creed, eh? Lavelle Roby too busy?
  • Wallace again? When is Bodie going to get some respect?
  • Surely those damned star-spangled boxing trunks are a little rank.

Nov. 25. Ding.

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