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Friday June 07, 2024

A Bad Week for Dinesh is a Good Week for America

“Last Friday, Salem Media Group announced that it had removed the fabulist film 2,000 Mules from its platform and said it would no longer distribute either the movie or an accompanying book by the right-wing activist and Trump-pardoned felon Dinesh D'Souza. It also issued an apology to Mark Andrews, a Georgia man whom the film had falsely depicted participating in a conspiracy to rig the 2020 election by using so-called mules to stuff ballot drop boxes. After being cleared of any wrongdoing by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Andrews filed a defamation lawsuit in 2022 against D'Souza, Salem, and two individuals associated with a group whose analysis heavily influenced the film...

Salem's climbdown is worth paying attention to. Salem is one of the most influential right-wing media companies in the United States, and in many ways, 2,000 Mules was the movie version of Trump's election lies. The film was utterly bogus—a mixture of conjecture and falsehoods that were easily discredited by fact-checkers. But it played a major role in shaping Republican skepticism about the election.”

-- Charles Sykes, “A Bad Week for Backers of the Big Lie,” The Atlantic

 Yes, and it couldn't happen to a wormier fellow. Here's my review of D'Souza's “2016: Obama's America,” a 2012 documentary about the horrors that awaited America in 2016 if Obama was reelected, and which I watched in 2016, and which is laughable for its scare tactics and zero sense of history and politics. Here's a post on Dinesh's box office going down down down, as everyone realizes what b.s. he's pedaling, and as other guys, as the man once said, are giving it away for free. “2,000 Mules” continued that trend, grossing just $1.5 million. His next, and hopefully last, was “Police State,” which IMDb describes thus: “Conservative film made by Dinesh D'Souza, which alleges the US Government is weaponized against all Christians and Republicans, and that the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and Secret Service all are corrupt, and that Trump is the only man who can stop it.” Read that aloud without laughing. Did it even get a release? It doesn't even have its own Wiki page.

I'm curious about that defamation lawsuit. I'm curious how closely Dinesh is watching what's happening to Alex Jones for his lies. Not to mention the Fox News/Dominion settlement.

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