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Thursday May 22, 2014

9 Thoughts a Week into SIFF 2014

The Seattle International Film Festival is a week old tonight. A few thoughts:

  • The bearded guy in the SIFF membership ad? I like him—particularly the bit with the champagne. But before every SIFF screening?
  • Same with the “Cinescape” ad. Clever and fun, but it goes too fast to get the feel for all the movies they’re experiencing. And before every SIFF screening?
  • That said, my favorite bit in the above is the woman seeing herself in the lineup of “The Usual Suspects.” That dopey, sexy Benicio looks she gives us. That’s dead on.
  • The opening night party needed a little more food and a little less chocolate. Even Patricia thought that. Actually, she thought it first.
  • The Egyptian screwed up the subtitles for the first five minutes of the Norwegian film, “In Order of Disappearance,” so they were out of sync with the action. The last time I experienced this? At the Egyptian for a SIFF movie.
  • Even so, I’m glad the Egyptian’s back. Thanks, SIFF.
  • The theater for Wednesday night’s screening of the 218-minute-long Holocaust documentary, “The Last of the Unjust,” was ridiculously hot and stuffy. Tough enough sitting that long for a Holocaust doc; you’ve got to lose the air conditioning? It was like a cattle car in there.
  • I asked the woman in charge at SIFF Uptown to turn up the air conditioning, twice, but she said there was no more she could do. It was as high as it could go. “It’s an old building,” she said. “Well, there’s a lot of old people in there,” I said. And I wasn’t even referring to me.
  • In the end, that, plus some health matters, plus the length and breadth of the movie, made me walk out of “Unjust” after about 140 minutes. This morning I felt like a wimp.

So excluding “Unjust,” here are my favorites so far:

  1. “In Order of Disappearance,” Norway
  2. “Jimi: All Is By My Side,” USA
  3. “Dior and I,” France
  4. “The Bit Player,” Philippines
  5. “Chinese Puzzle,” France
  6. “Muse By Fire,” UK


SIFF 2014

Dead on: Benicio's dopey, sexy look. 

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