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Thursday July 23, 2020

‘Known For’: Notorious REG

The filmed version of “Hamilton” (review up soon) made me buy a subscription to Disney+ and forced me to see this travesty when I searched out what each of the cast members have been up to. According to IMDb, this is what my Hamilton crush Renee Elise Goldsberry is “known for”:

Good god. Not sure who this indicts more: IMDb (for ranking them thus), Hollywood (for not getting this beautiful, talented woman better roles), or us (for supporting Steven Seagal more than Renee Elise Goldsberry).

Would it make sense for IMDb's algorithms to somehow include theater? Or at least Broadway? I know it's the Internet Movie Database, but it already includes not only TV and online videos. YouTube videos. 

Speaking of: This is one of those #Ham4Ham things from 2016. The Notorious REG is third. She played Mimi in “Rent” in the 2000s sometime. It shows.

Some good news: Since this weekend, her “Hamilton” credit, for which she won a Tony as best featured actress in a musical, has moved past “Pistol Whipped,” a straight-to-video Seagal flick, where she is 13th-billed. Slow hand clap, IMDb.

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