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7 Thoughts on A.O. Scott's Top 10 Movies of 2013

A.O. Scott has published, after numerous throat clearings and various condemnations (“The problem is you,” he writes), his top movies of 2013.

Immediate thoughts:

  • A six-way tie for No. 10? That's a bit of a cheat. At least he recognizes it.
  • Wait, he actually places “American Hustle” and “Spring Breakers” at the same level? Tied for No. 10? The former is one of the best while the latter is just ... boring. Tits and ass were never so boring.
  • Wait, he actually places “Lee Daniels' The Butler” (No. 9) one place above “American Hustle” (tied for 10th)? I guess he likes his history neat.
  • Wait, he actually places “Frances Ha” (No. 7) three places above “American Hustle” (tied for 10th)?
  • Wait, he also includes, but not in the top 15, the painful “Before Midnight”? I guess a lot of critics like that. It's got dialogue. Inane dialogue, but dialogue.
  • The Coens at No. 1? I hold out hope. I see it tonight.
  • I get the six-way pile-up at No. 10: Here's the acquisitive vapidity of our culture represented in American movies. But there's a difference between Gatsby's shirts, and why he has them, and Alien's shorts, and why he has them. There's a difference between “The Bling Ring,” where the kids still seem like real kids, and “Spring Breakers,” where they rarely do. Where you have trouble differentiating them. Which, yes, is the point, or part of it I assume, but it still doesn't make it interesting. Not to mention that reality intrudes upon Gatsby in the end while fantasy intrudes upon our pistol-packing spring-break girls. Sorry, but I could write an entire essay dissecting what's wrong with A.O. Scott's No. 10 picks. Maybe I will.

Spring Breakers

Exploitation flick through an arthouse filter equals dullsville ... and No. 10 on A.O. Scott's list.

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Posted at 08:58 AM on Thu. Dec 12, 2013 in category Movies - Awards  


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