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Tuesday October 09, 2018

2018 Yankees Done

Was it better or worse that the Yankees got that 9th inning? Did it make it more painful for Yankee fans (“So close!”) or less (“At least we put a scare in the bastards!”)? And what the hell is up with Craig Kimbrel? He's lights out against most everyone else but with the Yankees he's got the yips. Here's his regular season numbers against other AL East teams:

TOR 12 11 4 3 16 1.64 .108
TB 9 9.1 6 4 15 0.00 .188
BAL 8 7.1 5 7 12 9.82 .192
NYY 6 5.2 5 2 12 4.76 .227

Actually that Baltimore line is even nuttier, isn't it? A lot of it to do with this Sept. 26 game. And his overall line, while good, isn't near his standard. Last year, his K-BB ratio was 126-14. This year? 96-31.

Tonight, he came in with a 4-1 lead and went: Walk, single, strikeout. Walk, HBP, sac fly (to the warning track). Now it's 4-3, 2 outs, men on 1st and 2nd, and Gleber Torres at the plate. He hits a slow nubber to third. Helluva play by both Nunez to field it and Pearce to scoop it and stay on the bag. Baseball is a game of inches. And in those inches went the Yankees' season.

Good riddance.

Here's the legion of honor this century:

  • 2000:Oakland A's,Seattle Mariners,New York Mets
  • 2001:Oakland A's,Seattle Mariners,Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 2002:Los Angeles Angels
  • 2003:Minnesota Twins,Boston Red Sox,Florida Marlins
  • 2004:Minnesota Twins,Boston Red Sox
  • 2005:Los Angeles Angels
  • 2006:Detroit Tigers
  • 2007:Cleveland Indians
  • 2008:n/a
  • 2009:Minnesota Twins,Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,Philadelphia Phillies
  • 2010:Minnesota Twins,Texas Rangers
  • 2011:Detroit Tigers
  • 2012:Baltimore Orioles,Detroit Tigers
  • 2013:n/a
  • 2014:n/a
  • 2015:Houston Astros
  • 2016:n/a
  • 2017:Minnesota Twins,Cleveland Indians,Houston Astros
  • 2018: Oakland A's, Boston Red Sox

The top postseason Yankee killers this century have been: Detroit (3-0), Astros (2-0), Angels (2-1) and Red Sox (2-1). The schleppers? Twins (0-5), A's (0-3), Mariners (0-2).

But enough. The important thing is they‘re gone. Start spreadin’ the news.

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