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Sunday September 27, 2015

15 Songs for the Super Blood Moon

In honor of tonight's super blood moon (three, three, three lunar events in one), a sampling of moon songs from my iTunes roster.

1962 Moon River Audrey Hepburn
1970 Moondance Van Morrison
1971 Moonshadow Cat Stevens
1972 Pink Moon Nick Drake
1973 Grapefruit Moon Tom Waits
1988 Hawkmoon 269 U2
1989 Full Moon Full of Love k.d. lang
1991 Blue Moon Waltz Jimmie Day Gilmore
1992 Man on the Moon R.E.M.
1993 Crescent Moon Cowboy Junkies
1993 Why Look at the Moon The Waterboys
1995 Smog Moon Matthew Sweet
2000 Goodnight Moon Shivaree
2002 I Wish I Was the Moon Neko Case
2012 Dead Moon Calexico

It's not a bad list but I thought there would be, I don't know, more songs, I guess. It is the moon, after all. It's the ultimate romantic heavenly body. In China, they even have a holiday for it.

The Shivaree song is really about wishing for the morning and fearing the night, but it's such a good song I had to include it.

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