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Friday July 10, 2020


How do you break down something as insane as this?†

Sure, it's his normal message. “We have more cases because we test more.” Except those cases still existóthose people are still sick with Covid and some will dieóso this is a head-in-the-sand argument, which has been Trump's argument from the get-go. “If we only knew less, things wouldn't be so bad.” Given his position (president of the United States), given the number of cases and deaths the U.S. is seeing (3.1 million/133k), given how much Europe has bounced back from its springtime plague and is opening up smartly and responsibly, this attitude is basically criminal. It's the†story of the year, and the mainstream media isn't covering it enough. Probably because there's not two sides to it. There's the smart, science-based side (test as much as possible, contact trace, open up responsibly rather than when it's politically convenient), and then there's this pile of dumbshit.†

But of course the piece de resistance, the chef's kiss of the tweet, is the 1/100 at the top. What a wanker.

I'm curious: When did a country like Italy begin to turn it around? Turns out: early April. They now average about 200 cases a day:

Yesterday, the U.S. had more than 63,000 cases. One day. This is our daily case trajectory.

The U.S.'s disastrous response to the Covid crisis, the sickness and death and jobs lost and lives lost, all that's on Fox News an the GOP and most of all Trump. But at least he's given this country his all: 1/100th percent.

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