Tuesday July 26, 2016

10 Quick Thoughts on the Wonder Woman Trailer

  1. “You‘re a man.” Um, yeah. This is a little too close to the hot-but-innocent alien chick saying things like “What is love?” (See: TOS, “Gamesters of Triskelion”), but Gal Gadot saves it a little by stating it, and then Chris Pine helps with his comic response.
  2. But let’s face it: The origin of Wonder Woman, the Amazon island thing, was always fairly idiotic/boring and the movie doesn't seem to make it any smarter/more interesting.
  3. Chick with the cracked mask: “Boardwalk Empire” did it better.
  4. “I was brought to life by... ” Juice? Jews? Oh,Zeus. Whew.
  5. So why WWI instead of WWII? The argument from io9 is that her character becomes disgusted with humanity and stays away for 100 years, and the Great War was a bad war (resolving nothing), while WWII had a clear villain and absolute atrocities. Me, I think the Holocaust is reason enough to steer clear of humanity, but whatever. Do what you need to do.
  6. Her fighting scenes look good.
  7. “I can't let you do this.”/“What I do is not up to you.” Good line.
  8. Same with “I like her.”
  9. The muted grays: Zack Snyder's sucky pallette. Can't we ever get away from this, DC?
  10. Fingers crossed.
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